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Rev. Dr. Benjamin Ellis

   Hello, I am Rev. Dr. Benjamin Ellis, usually known as “Pastor Ben”. My loving wife, Theresa, shares a ministry with me that has stretched the 23 years of our marriage. We have three young adult children: Rebecca (26 and currently in Redlands); Daniel (23 in Brooklyn); and Brianna (22 in Dublin, Ireland). I have served in United Methodist churches for 33 years, including stays in San Dimas, Rialto, and Riverside. Most recently, I served four years in New Jersey while Theresa was in graduate school working toward a PhD.
   I believe in the presence and power of the living Christ and that there is nothing in life as important as walking each day humbly and gratefully with God. Part of this response is worship. Another part is a constant trust that helps us stand against all life’s trials and challenges. I believe that the Holy Spirit guides each of us as we discern faith and right practice. It is the responsibility of each to look to the Bible, our own reason and experience, and the choices of those who have gone before us, as we find God’s will for our lives. This means that we have a wide variety of belief, but that we are united by the Spirit. This unity is especially important in this day and age when economic and political forces try to gain influence by dividing Americans and can pit one Christian against another.
   We are very excited for the opportunity to serve Victorville UMC and look forward to being a part of this vibrant and growing faith community.