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Rev. Carrie Cesar

Pastor Carrie graduated from Iliff School of Theology in Denver CO with a Master of Divinity and did her undergrad work at Dakota Wesleyan University with a double major in both Theater/Communications and Religion/Philosophy. She grew up in the UMC in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where she was discipled in her youth group by a dynamic youth pastor. Pastor Carrie was called into ministry and got her preaching license her senior year of High School when she also wrote and directed a church musical that was performed by her youth group. Creative worship was her passion that first motivated her interest in ministry. However, she has let God lead her on an amazingly unusual journey allowing her to develop many varied ministry skills and travel all over the US and Mexico. Her passion for mission is what lead her to gain bicultural and bilingual skills while serving 18 years with her husband in Mexico for a hunger agency. She and her husband Alfredo raised a son and a daughter while on the mission field and have been back in the US now for 14 years.

Pastor Carrie preaches social justice motivated by putting into action the love and joy of the Gospel- Anywhere she serves she finds the need to help churches start up new projects and train leaders to run creative outreach programs. Pastor Carrie finds ministry with Hispanic families is essential for churches everywhere in our conference and holds supportive planning and leadership training roles in Spanglish Camp, the Conference Hispanic Family Camp and in setting up and training church leaders to run “No Estan Solos” Welcome Centers helping migrant children get the services they need to be safe and healthy. She has developed her marketing skills over the years and is an entrepreneur for Christ, using innovative ministry ideas along with social media and setting up interactive church websites that invite people into a relationship with the church.