Here at VVUMC, we see Christian Education as the guided process of helping persons grow in faith.

Christian Education happens when people: learn the Bible, accept God's grace, grow in Christian faith, become part of a Christian community, answer God's call to Christian living.

Christian Education inspires and challenges people to: know and experience God through Jesus Christ, claim and live God's promises, grow and serve as Christian disciples.

The life in Christ is the goal of Christian Education.

VVUMC's objectives in Christian Education are to: make Christian disciples at a very early age, facilitate the person's ability to make a lasting decision for Jesus Christ, provide Confirmation classes to confirm Christians, incorporate confirmed Christians into the Church structure & decision-making processes.

We believe that Growing in Christ is an ongoing journey that lasts a lifetime. We feel that Christian Education must be part of our basic commitment to Christ and that Christian Education must be a central Ministry of our Church.

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